Superhero NFT Wars (SNW)

Official Superhero NFT Wars White paper, last updated June 1, 2022


SNW is a Web 3.0 Social Metaverse Aggregator Platform for all live Web 3.0 projects (esp. dedicated to the realms of NFT and DeFi) by providing three unified tools, Tokens, Avatars, and Social Space, for all participants, investors, partners, and collaborators.

SNW endeavors to become the first and foremost stunning community-driven visualized and gamified NFT and graphical DeFi infrastructure by empowering all JPGs with more interactive use, application, and social gaming case scenarios.

Let us imagine the Ultimate Layer 0 Metaverse scene we are blueprinting, as CryptoPunks can play against Azuki; Moonbirds can join hands with Mfers and MekaVerse to send greetings to a whale user; different groups can gather in the main square and check the $BTC / $ETH price changes from time to time together like witnessing the new year count-down; different metaverse from different dimensions fuse into a unified one, etc.


A Layer 0 metaverse that connects all live NFT and DeFi apps.


To connect ALL NFT and DeFi ecosystems into the one-for-all SNW SocialFi Metaspace. SNW will fully empower all web3 communities with its Interoperable metaverse Socialization Infrastructure and Functionalities.


We aspire to build SNW into an indispensable value-added empowerment platform for the entire NFT markets in four main ways:

  1. Strategic partnership with whitelisting communities and leading IPs.

  2. Creating a SocialFi Metaspace with inserted mini-game through an organic combination with socialization elements and usabilities, and Interact-to-earn mechanism.

  3. Constructing an aggregated NFT Universalization Infrastructure (with INO Launchpad/Mint House, ICO Ceremony Hall, Trading Desk, Staking Pool, DAO & Governance Temple, etc.) for the entire decentralized world.

  4. Genesis Membership Pass (namely the SNW-CB/SNW-X NFT Collection) for Decisive DAO Governance and Voting Mechanisms.

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