Battle system (PVP & PVE)

All major NFT communities received a mysterious invitation. Guided by a holy purple light beam they came to the SNW world as Heroes, to jointly explore this unknown world that was home to endless hidden treasures (PVE) and combat with each other in the form of guilds and go-it-alone by participating in the PVP Arena Contest.

PVP (Combat Arena)

Hero(es) can combat with each other which requires each party to pledge the same amount of tokens right before the battle starts. The winner will get 88% of the total pledged amount of tokens back after the combat, with the remaining tokens for the following purposes:
  • The platform charges a 2% commission fee of the total pledge amount;
  • 10% of the total pledge amount will repurchase the tokens in the LP pool, giving back 60% to the loser, and 40% to the winner.

Online Combats

Hero-NFTs can pledge a fixed amount of $SNGold🪙 to enter the real-time on-chain combat matching (in a queue pool method).

Share Battles

Hero(es) can pledge any amount of $SNGold🪙 to generate a one-time-usable challenge link. Players can share this link with others who can pledge the same amount of $SNGold🪙 to accept the challenge.

PVE (Underground Dungeon Exploration)

Hero-NFTs can obtain the following items by exploring the underground dungeon:
  • $SNGold🪙;
  • EXP/Experience Points (used for upgrading the Hero(es));
  • Skill-card Fragments (multiple Skill-cards Fragments can be synthesized into a valuable and tradable one);
  • Other NFT Trophies (including but not limited to the phoenix eggs, batwing, shiny elkskin, and other NFT PVE rewards in fine art).