$SNGold is the main circulating token in the SNW ecosystem, which is designed to be utilized in all kinds of socialization campaigns, P2E mini-games, and community events.
Imagine you are walking idly across the map and suddenly encounter a landmark with $SNGold popping up that you can chase and harvest into your pocket, how amazing it will be!



Name: SNW Gold;
Token Symbol: SNGold;
Decimal: 18;
Issuance Amount: Unlimited;
Smart Contract Addresses: (currently ONLY for consolidated game server use)


1. Fountain Di Crypto
Since the first public version release, users can throw different amounts of $SNGold🪙 into the wishing pool to get different wish seeds. The wish seeds can be used to host private events, parties, AMA's, meetings, etc. Weekly/Monthly-held ranking contest will reward the luckiest winners (who realize most wishes) and Industrious slingers (who throw the most $SNGold🪙) with special gifts.
2. Mini-games
Users can spend gold coins in the game area to participate in various small games and earn $SNGold🪙. Mini-games include but are not limited to Celebrity Slapping Anger Game, Survival Car-racing, Temple Run, Squid Game, etc.
3. Trading & Consumption
Users can buy all kinds of goods, equipment, and social gadgets in the trading marketplace near the central area of the map.
In the future, $SNGold🪙 will be used as an indispensable token for players to exchange for consumables, upgrade, and participate in various entertaining and social activities. And will not be that long, $SNGold🪙 will be available on multiple well-known DEXs for secondary trading to further boost brand awareness and market valuation.