Introduction to the SNW Platform

The SNW SocialFi Metaspace ( is where everything (SocialFi, GameFi, SciFi, and DeFi) begins. All kinds of building, SocialFi functionalities, movement, and gamification settings are designed in a way as crypto native as possible. You can find memes, crypto celebrities, or icons in almost every building, statue, billboard, etc. in the SNW SocialFi Metaspace.

Play-to-Socialize (P2S)

In the SNW world, players will fully utilize their decentralized wallet address as not only a login account but a pass to the main product of SNW Metaverse ( to play. In this pure web3.0 pixel-style Cyberpunk SNW SocialFi Metaspace, social users can load their NFTs (almost compatible to ALL) into the TV head of SNW-Hero Avatar(s), so as to chat with other players, interact with well-designed facial expressions, and make friends in the meta-universe.

Land System

In the SNW world, there will be land certificates in the form of commercial buildings and homes that can be exchanged for responsive land in the SNW World. Commercial building certificates are the primary certificates for building use in public areas, while plot certificates tend to give the player/community the right to use and build on private land.

SaaS For ALL Web3 Projects

The original intention of SNW world is to build an infrastructure that assigns values to the same world by a unified standard to many fragmented NFT communities, providing a one-stop platform for activities, task tracking, and brand promotion for Web3 project parties such as NFT, DeFi and GameFi under a unified NFT certification protocol.

Raid Combat System

Each NFT community has been summoned to the SNW world as Hero Avatar(s), to jointly explore this unknown world that was home to endless hidden treasures (PVE) and combat with each other in the form of guilds or go-it-alone by participating in the PVP Arena Contest.

Embedded Minigames

After each period of time, the official website and the team will hold a series new minigames for the holders of either SNW-CB or SNW-X to gain or even gamble for Experience Points.
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