Play to Socialize (P2S)

SNW provides each user with an interactive NFT through enabling social scenes. Users can socialize and interact across wallet addresses and NFTs in multiple scenes within the SNW SocialFi Metaspace.

Equip Your NFTs

Early Character Sketch
SNW scans the Ethereum (increasingly multi-chained) NFT assets of the user's wallet address (, which will further be fully utilizing the cross-chain technology since 2022 Q4 to compatible with other chains) and presents them as a list of avatars, which can be seen by others after the user is equipped with the NFT avatar they want to display.

NFT Power Protocol

After the user equips his/her avatar in the SNW world, the NFT additional attributes will be obtained according to the unified NFT Power Protocol. Some of these attributes will give users a certain ability bonus in the GAME module of SNW, while others will give users a special display in the social scene. For example, the NFT holder of Cryptopunks can get unique emoticons after loading.

Social Scenes

Moon Nightclub
In order to provide users with a better social experience, SNW not only designed small interactive functionalities to express emotional and intangible information such as chat, expression, and action, but also rendered some non-photorealistic large social scenes, including squares, nightclubs, live party, and gaming areas and so to further multiply the true sense of SocialFi .
  • Square: Square is the birthplace of users and the SocialFi Playground where most users gather together. Here you can see many SNW robots equipped with diversified NFTs of other communities. This is where you can meet the most friends and show your NFT community to more people.
  • Night Club: Nightclubs are one of the most active socialization touchpoints of SNW SocialFi Metaspace. Equip your NFT avatar and dance with all kinds of NFTs in the club TODAY!
  • Party Live: Users can create a temporary party scene on SNW's map with special items. The creator can limit the conditions for joining parties, where players can dance, listen to music, and communicate by either voice or text.
  • Game Realm: SNW will gradually launch mini-games in the game area, including but not limited to PVP & PVE game modes. Players can meet more people of the same interest in the mini-games.