As SNW is a SocialFi Infrastructure by emphasizing all kinds of socialization functionalities and decentralization tactics empowering all NFT communities in all means, the general logic for tokenomics here is benefiting the long-term organic growth of the SocialFi Metaspace and its Usabilities instead of trading or Play-to-Earn like DeFi/GameFi projects.
We have a dual-token system to balance the demands of the SNW platform and our communities, from governance and growth ($GEM๐Ÿ’Ž) to in-app mini-game experiences ($SNGold๐Ÿช™).


$GEM is the Governance Token of Superhero NFT Wars (and its platform and affiliate products). The total issuance amount of GEM token will be 100 milion.


$SNGold is the main circulating token in the SNW ecosystem, which is mostly obtained well designed to be utilized in all kinds of socialization campaigns, P2E minigames, and community events.
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