Other In-game NFTs

SNW Hero(es)

Whenever Mystery Boxes are purchased, the Hero-NFTs will be minted immediately. But before opening, you can choose whether to bind with existing white-listed NFT communities.
By strategically partnering with Starsharks, Yolee Universe, Melaxy, Prometheus/MGA, Immortal Cat, Miningverse DAO, Huobi Global and Huobi NFT, Bybit (Yeehagames & Midgard Saga), SNW is now opening for active application of engaging more precious NFT communities into this Social Meta Space and jointly dedicating to co-construct, co-upgrade and co-govern this one-for-ALL metaverse aggregator.

Hero Mystery Box (TBA)

When opening the Hero mystery box(es), you can randomly obtain 5 different rarities of Heroes with different properties, namely Normal, Superior (R), Precious (SR), Rare (SSR), and Legendary (UR) in sequentially increasing rarity order.


Whenever Mystery Boxes are purchased, the Hero-NFTs will be minted immediately.


One of the following four professions will be randomly generated when minting:
  • Intelligent Type (Mage Hero Robots with Magic Element);
  • Agile Type (Assassin Hero Robots with Shadow Element);
  • Power Type (Barbarian Hero Robots with Fury Element);
  • Tank Type (Paladin Hero Robots with Divinity Element).


When minting, different rarities of Heroes will be randomly generated:

Synthesis Functionality

In order to improve the liquidity of those Heroes with relatively lower rarities, we offer the Hero synthesis function by enabling multiple lower-rarity Heroes to synthesize and upgrade into a Hero-NFT with higher rarity.

Upgrade Functionality

Consuming a certain amount of $SNGold and experience points can upgrade and get more attribute points.

Skill-card NFTs (TBA)

Hero-NFTs can learn skills by consuming Skill-cards. Skills can improve the mining capability when exploring the PVE underground dungeon and PVP arena.
  • Stars: the reference value of the Skill-cards' rarity in 1-5 classes. The obtaining methods are as follows:
    • Skill-card Mystery Boxes Opening: 1-4 stars;
    • PVE Exploration: 1-5 stars;
  • Level Upgrade: Skill-card's level can be upgraded by consuming several skill cards (ONLY with the same title name and the same level) + a certain amount of $SNGold🪙.
Skill-card Mystery Box(es)
Open Skill-card Mystery Boxes can randomly get 1-4 stars Skill-card.