SASS for Web3 Projects

SNW aims to build infrastructure that provides a unified social, collaborative environment for fragmented NFT communities. In the first step of this long-term goal, we will also aim to provide efficient user access, conversion, and interaction for a single NFT community in terms of holding AMA's or other on-chain events, and performing well-integrated services to the collaborated parties.

One Flow To Get User

Throughout the existing web3 tools, if a web3.0 NFT/DeFi project wants to hold an event, it needs to use multiple tools for dissemination, task tracking, information collection, live text/voice AMA activities, data statistics, and collection. In the world of SNW, the project team will be able to realize a whole set of activities through the functions of SNW.

AMA at Party

Before the start of the project, the AMAs that have applied for an appointment will be listed in a special section, showing the project party's activity information, and can get through the Twitter likes and retweets data synchronization. At the same time, the event host can also set up trackable tasks (such as swapping a token on the xx DeFi platform or staking some NFTs in a smart contract) and punch-in tasks (such as speaking the project slogan on the public channel after entering the AMA) that need to be completed by the user in advance. When the AMA starts, it will be held in the form of a game rally. Users can equip the NFT avatar of the project/other projects to participate in the AMA party, check in, and do tasks. The host can speak to users in text or voice during the AMA. During the process, users can use props to promote the event based on the SNW platform, and enhance the special effect atmosphere, so that the AMA has more users and a better atmosphere. After the AMA, the project party can also get the data of the entire event, including but not limited to: the number of participants, average market, task completion rate, user conversion rate, and other data.

Task Tracker System

Based on on-chain smart contracts and SNW's interactive system, we are developing a customizable task tracking system. AMA/Party hosts can set contract interaction tasks/SNW interaction tasks according to their own project needs. After players complete these tasks during the AMA open period, SNW can help the project party to collect the corresponding addresses and issue rewards.

Embedded Interface

In SNW's map, the project party connects its own web interface to SNW's commercial buildings/facilities. When the player interacts with the building/facility, the web interface set by the project party can pop up to interact. For example, directly open a specific OpenSea page in SNW's Hipster Pavilion for transactions, or directly display the project's own web page introduction in SNW's building.