Q: On Which Chain is the platform deployed? And will you use any cross-chain technology in the future?
A: Not only the SNW SocialFi Metaspace (namely the platform and main products), but also the SNW NFTs (SNW-CB/SNW-X PFP) and dual-tokens ($GEM💎 & $SNGold🪙) are all deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet.
In terms of the cross-chain technology, as long as we have gathered enough supporters on this to either cross-chain NFTs/tokens to other chains (for instance Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, etc.) to save gas fees and welcome a broader crowd, or develop layer2 network to increase the in-app socialization and gamification experiences, we will definitely take that into thorough consideration and deliver to the tech development team to upgrade the product to you guys ASAP.
Q: How do ensure the security of users and transaction happen on the SNW platform? And how to increase the operational efficiency from the product perspective?
A: To make each step of transaction and user actions secure, friendly, and flexible, we have basically done two things:
(1) Fully utilizing the professional experience of veteran Ubisoft in developing game engines and rendering UI designs to deliver well-established mature, user-friendly, and safe products. Timely bug detection and correction mechanism, along with frequent product updates, can further increase the usability, flexibility, and stability of SNW SocialFi Metaspace;
(2) Organically combining the decentralized servers with the consolidated servers (deployed to support the Unreal 5 game engine efficiency) to balance the reaction speed, token security, traceability of transactions, and the gas fee amount/ traffic density.
Q: What are the potential benefits of SNW-CB/SNW-X PFP NFTs?
A: Marked as the membership pass for the whole SNW SocialFi metaverse, SNW-CB/SNW-X privilege benefits include but are not limited to the followings:
(1) Higher chance and/or amount(s) of all upcoming token airdrop and NFT giveaway campaigns officially held by the SNW team;
(2) The holders of SNW-CB/SNW-X will be entering into the VIP channel on SNW Discord, and have the first priority in owning their own residential Land Deed NFTs and/or SNW-CB/SNW-X Camp’s Commercial Land Deed NFT;
(3) The higher the EXP gained, namely the higher level of the SNW-CB/SNW-X NFTs reached, the higher the potential secondary values they will perform;
(4) First benches of minigames are (for now) ONLY available for SNW-CB/SNW-X to have preferred trials to gain EXPs ahead from late users;
(5) Will be the decisive members in participating in all kinds of DAO governance events, with the most active SNW-CB/SNW-X holders will be invited into the SNW Research Academy for extra co-construction and co-branding efforts;
(6) Always the first to experience the mutual benefits and exclusive rewards brought from collaborators and partners (for instance, highly valuable Whitelist giveaway, extra token airdrops, the quota for closed-testing & beta-testing, monetary rewards, etc.).
Q: How can we get enrolled in the Whitelist for obtaining SNW-CB/SNW-X PFP NFT(s)?
A: We have conducted various kinds of pre-mint WL giveaway campaigns before the public sales, and amplified the SNW-X holders’ membership rights by getting more and more valuable partners with great industrial influence onboard. After the public minting of SNW-CB/SNW-X, please always remember to stay tuned to the marketing campaign officially held by the SNW team will give you a higher chance to win the Whitelists for the SNW-CB/SNW-X PFP Collection and the news of upcoming tiers of sales that based on “First Come, First Reserve” policy.
Q: When will $GEM💎 and $SNGold🪙 be available at certain trading venues?
A: As SNW is a SocialFi Infrastructure by emphasizing all kinds of socialization functionalities and decentralization tactics empowering all NFT communities in all means, the general logic for tokenomics here is benefiting the long-term organic growth of the SocialFi Metaspace and its Usabilities instead of trading or Play-to-Earn like DeFi/GameFi projects.
We are currently endeavoring in building the token awareness and recognition, and well-rounding the usability in DAO governance and branding for $GEM💎, and consumption, upgrade, Play-to-Earn & Socialize-to-Earn, and user interactions for $SNGold🪙. And will not be that long, both $GEM💎 and $SNGold🪙 will be available on multiple well-known DEXs, or even CEXs, for secondary trading to further boost brand awareness and market valuation.
Q: Which NFT project and community is available to be connected to the SNW SocialFi Metaspace and derivative products? And how?
A: Basically all NFT projects/communities are compatible and technically realizable to bind with our product, as our ultimate objective is to co-build this NFT infrastructure with ample socialization functionalities, P2E gamification elements, and all kinds of DeFi touchpoints to empower all other NFT communities.
However, we are currently more welcoming:
(1) NFTs deployed on the Ethereum mainnet to be technically whitelisted and combined with our SNW NFTs (esp. Hero(es)) in more depth;
(2) Larger well-established communities to co-host social marketing campaigns on both sides and make SNW SocialFi Metaspace an additional social interaction tool to booster the density and integrity among existing holders; while small to medium-size NFT communities to serve SNW SocialFi Metaspace as the main and foremost “Social Front” by forming their own Guild Gardens, PVE for a larger amount of rewards and join PVP joint combat with other camps;
(3) Other light projects (or those with NFT plans but have not released their own series yet) to collaborate with SNW SocialFi Metaspace in more organic ways by making SNW NFTs (SNW-CB/SNW-X & Hero(es) and/or Skill-card NFTs) as the prior resolution to strengthen their existing products and services.
Q: Will my NFTs and the SocialFi Metaspace be available on APP?
A: The main product ( has now officially available and been adaptive on almost all popular mobile browsers. Though, we have not reached the conclusion to launch it on IOS or Android at this moment, we might able to start develop it since Q4.
Q: What are the existing functionalities available on SNW SocialFi Metaspace?
A: We are currently operating the following Socialization Utilities (details can be found in the according links):
(4) ICO Plaza Advertisements: can be discussed on the B2B basis. We never failed to keep adding in more utilities and upgrading the existing functionalities to all of our SocialFi Metaspace fellas, centering on empowering $SNGold to balance the user experience between Play-to-Earn and Socialize-to-Play.
Q: What is the relationship between Seed, Fragments, and Garden?
A: Gardens, namely the SNW version of native guilds or integrated 3rd party web 3.0 communities, are the base for each community occupying a certain piece of SNW SocialFi Metaspace Land, operating with unified objectives and missions, and combating against other Gardens to rank higher in terms of socialization and gamification.
However, the seed fragments and full pieces of seeds are all valuable in-game collectibles (not available to be NFTs at this moment) generated through the Wishing Feature of Fontana Di Crypto, not directly related to the Garden System at all. Whenever the user socializes with enough effort on utilizing the Wishing Feature nearby the Fontana Di Crypto, they will obtain various kinds of beneficiary rewards, like Seed Fragment and Seeds, with the fragments that can be used to synthesize full pieces of seeds, accomplish achievements, and trade for fertilizer.
Q: Is there any daily limit of Earning/Losing $SNGold within the metaverse?
A: Actually, there is no daily limit of either earning or losing $SNGold throughout all touchpoints within the SNW SocialFi Metaspace, other than going broke.
For existing functionalities of consuming $SNGold to start the Play-to-Earn and Play-to-Socialize minigames, you can refer to the former question.
Q: How do I buy SNW Hero blind box and SNW Skill-Card mystery box?
SNW mystery boxes are not yet available for purchase. Please be patient when we announce our new plans for the mystery box.
Q: How do I get a skill card now?
It is currently only available through campaign rewards.
Q: Is SNW backed by some famous projects in the crypto industry?
We have successfully and fully closed the first trench of the private sales in Jan. 2022 by onboarding multiple global investors from both blockchain and traditional industries to elevate our brand awareness and value to a higher altitude. We are also planning to expand the realm and brand influence by recruiting a second bench of global investors by the end of Q3 2022.
To name it, our sincere private investors include but are not limited to:
  • Prengel: Top 15 traditional venture conglomerate focusing on investing in AI, cloud computing, and digital marketing field;
  • OPC: Leading blockchain venture fund for start-ups;
  • Betterverse DAO: Famous crypto & web3.0 investor.
  • StarSharks: One of the first tier BNB Chain-based GameFi projects and with an established and immense community;
Q: What can I get from playing mini-games like ETH Guess and Hodler Run?
You can get EXP points through playing the mini-games and the EXP points means upgrading your SNW NFT, both SNW-CB and SNW-X.