After each period of time, the official website and the team will introduce a new mini-game for the holders of either SNW-CB or SNW-X to gain or even gamble for EXPs. (in the future, will probably also let the community suggest what kind of game they would like to bargain on, through DAO voting)

Mission One <Follow the Crypto Wave>

How to Play:

Holders can utilize the owned SNW-CB/SNW-X NFT(s) to participate in this exciting gambling mini-game by guessing the price of ETH (either going up or down) to either gain or lose EXP.


  • Each NFT holder can guess 5 times/per day (like if an address has 4 NFTs, then he/she can guess 20 times max.);
  • Each time of action could do multiple guessing at one shoot;
  • After passing each hour, the consolidated server will calculate the results and the according to EXP changes for each NFT:
    • Guess with the correct answers of either【an hour change】,【forecast the next hour’s change】, 【daily changes】 or【forecast the next daily changes】can gain different amounts of EXP the next day;
    • Each wrong guess will deduct a little amount of EXP;
    • Gaining or Deduction Rules might be subjective to be changed based on the team arrangement and special marketing campaigns (e.g. All gains on <Madness Thursday> campaign will be doubled);
    • Energy will be reset and results will be released at 12PM UTC+0 each day.

Mission Two <HODL RUN>

How to Play:

Use the “↑ ↓” button on your keyboard to move your avatar.

Game Rules:

  1. 1.
    Jump up/down to avoid the obstacles.
  2. 2.
    You will get scores according to how far your avatar runs. When the game is over, you will get EXP according to the scores you get in the game.
EXP Parallel Table is as following:
0~99 -> 1EXP
100~199 -> 10EXP
200~299 -> 20EXP
300~399 -> 25EXP
400+ -> 30EXP