2021 Q4
  • The Idea and Community of SNW-CB/SNW-X Initiated;
  • Version 1.0 of SNW Official Website Launched;
  • Involvement of the First Bench of Partners, Includes but is Not Limited to:
    • Starsharks: the leading Binance Smart Chain-based GameFi project and immense community;
    • Ubisoft Outsourced Group: for Game Engine Development and SocialFi Main Theme Rendering;
    • the World-first GameFi Project of Japanese Anime Card;
    • Crypto Nation: Top5 South American Blockchain Media.
2022 Q1
  • Seed Round of Investment Closed, led by Starsharks, Geek Cartel, and Preangel;
  • Social Media Followers of SNW Exceed 170K;
  • Meme Contest and Ambassador Programs Launched;
  • Shadow Challenge and Costume Party Campaign Launched.
2022 April
  • Demo Testing of Version 2.0 of SNW Official Website;
  • SNW Cubies NFT Collection Giving away to Collaborators and Campaign Winners;
  • SNW-CB/SNW-X Whitelisting Events;
  • Minigame Theme Month —— SNW² Launched.
2022 May
  • Official Listing of SNW-CB/SNW-X on Opensea;
  • Public Minting Initiated;
  • Minigame-enabled SNW Official Website Launched;
  • SNW-CB/SNW-X EXP Program Activated by Upgrading and Evolving Their NFTs;
2022 June
  • The Dancing Ballroom and Wishing Fountain Are Open for ALL SNW Users;
  • Cross-IP Customization Campaign Activated to Elevate the SNW-CB/SNW-X Collection to A Higher Altitude;
  • Active Monthly Community Members Exceed 1 Million;
  • Treasury Fund Is Established and Started Distributing the Tokens back to Campaign Winners, Top-ranking Players, and Major Web 3.0 Contributors;
  • Major NFT Community Collaborations, Advertising Program Initiated, and with multiple industry-leading KOLs & Guilds Moving into SNW SocialFi Metaspace.
2022 July
  • Design of the DAO Voting and Governance Mechanism, the Amount and Rankings of the Held SNW-CB/SNW-Xs Will Determine the Governance Power;
  • GameFi Theme Month: Bonus EXP Points Gained across the Minigame Series;
  • The World-first On-chain Metaverse Live Concert and Dancing Ball Event with Top 100 DJs, Bands, and Digital Singers.
2022 August
  • Special Token Airdrop Event ONLY to SNW-CB/SNW-X Genesis Holders;
  • Membership Rights Greatly Enhanced as with More B2B Collaborators (esp. Communities and Other Eco-utilities) Coming in;
  • Plot Auction of Commercial and Residential SNW Building Initiated on Opensea;
  • Derivative SNW-CB/SNW-X NFT Collections Welcoming for Community Designs.
2022 September
  • Over 10 Minigames Available for P2E;
  • PVP Module Initiated;
  • Target Real-time Bidding Advertisement Calling for Early Applications.
2022 Q4
  • Standard SocialFi Industry Whitepaper Published;
  • On-chain Map Editor Launched;
  • Guild Land Module Launched, Each Community Shall Use the Plot NFTs to Settle at SNW Guild Land;
  • SNW Treasury Research Academy Initiated;
  • Pure DAO Governance and Voting by SNW-CB/SNW Holders;
  • P2E Module Initiated, Provision of Extra Explorable SocialFi Metaspace for Users while SNW-CB/SNW-X Holders Will Have the Priority Rights.
2023 Q1
  • IDO Module and Trading Desk Launched;
  • Cross-guild PVP Combat Arena and PVE Treasury Hunt Campaign Initiated.
2023 Q2-Q4
  • Build the Unified Infrastructure for ALL Live NFT Communities;
  • Well-rounded SP2E Tokenomics and Treasury Fund Distribution Mechanism;
  • SNW-CB/SNW-X’s Membership Utility Further Enhancement.