$GEM💎 is the Governance Token of Superhero NFT Wars (and its platform and affiliate products).
Amount: 100 million.
Chain and Deployment: created at genesis on Ethereum mainnet on Jan 20th, 2022, with the smart contract of: 0x845905D1680717F8DC26091158e4556AA310E63d.
5% for marketing, 10% will go to the liquidity pool, 25% for initial & upcoming airdrop events and community reserve, and 10% for the team and advisors; while the rest goes to early private investors (15%), public sales (5%) and the rest 20% for economy rewards and recirculation (P2E, DAO Governance, and Staking).
Sales and Trading Venues: Other than the private investment and necessary airdrop / DAO governance/marketing distributions, we do not plan for public sales on $GEM💎 at this moment in terms of the marketplace(s), amount, timing and trading venues. As this moment, $GEM💎 token is not available for trading, the listing details shall be announced soon.
Unique Utilities:
  • 🔧 System-Unified tool for exchange and trading for Hero Avatars and Skill-card NFTs;
  • 🔝 Gas medium for level-up and evolvement for certain NFTs;
  • ♟ Staking certificate for IGO issuance and subscription;
  • 📌 Currency for obtaining Plot NFTs’ Ownership, in-game elements, checkpoint tips, and advertisements;
  • 📄 Central governance utility for DAO voting and decision-making.